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My Art 

If you're interested in some of my paintings or my workprocess it's 
also possible to see some close-ups or videos. 
Just send me a personal message for more informations or visit me on my instagram profile. There are new images, videos and informations of my work process every day. 

About Me 

My name is Lisanne Jensen and i'm an artist from germany. 
I studied fine art,  media sciences and politics at the Europa Universität of Flensburg for about five years. 
I'm painting till i can remember. 
Know i'm 25 years old. 
All art is produced by myself. 
I prefer working with acrylic colours on canvas. 


My Art

Facial Expression was always an importand theme in my life. Everybody in society always tells you to look friendly. They tell you that you mustn't laugh too loud or cry when you're angry or said. People say that these emotions let yourself looking weak. So you have take control over your emotions - your facial expression.  But for me facial expression is the strongest power we have! Only human have so many possibilitys in terms of this way of communication! Facial expression can tell more than any words. It means freedom. A true facial expression can burn itself into your mind than nothing else! So my art is about catching these special moments and revive them in expressive and abstract fine art. 
Let's free facial expressions!